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Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

February 4, 2016

Are you saying the right things to the right people?

In quieter economic times those who succeed in 2016 will be those who are effectively managing their 'digital jigsaw'. There's no one particular avenue that makes for a successful strategy; everything from website, digital marketing, content marketing, analytical assessment and social are all critical to the puzzle.

Just 'having' a Facebook page or posting a blog isn't acceptable either. It's a pass mark but nothing more.

Know your audience and their needs

Before you exercise any effort, or dedicate resources to your digital, you need to firstly know who you're speaking to. Your audience is made up of more than one persona, perhaps even multiple, and there's no message that fits all for most businesses.

With the ability to segment and target through digital continually improving, every online action should be speaking to a particular customer persona. When people visit your website they have an objective, they may be a new client or an existing, they may be a wholesaler or an end customer, an established SME or a start-up. The outcomes they are individually seeking from your website are all unique.

The important thing is to ensure that the content, message, medium or advertisement speaks to them correctly and that the journey through your website that follows is aligned to providing them with everything they need and nothing more. Website's are no longer about you, they're about your audience. Their priorities are your priorities and successfully curating content and providing tailored user experiences is key.

Focus on what you do best and so will we

The problem with most companies is finding the time to be proactive. Everyone wants to be a part of a company that's "active", however it's often easier said than done as the result of doing so is increased demand; which doesn't always help with maintaining consistency.

We assist our clients from strategy to execution to management. Whether we're simply creating and planning the strategy for them to deliver, or managing the entire rollout over a calendar year, the outcome is simple. They win more often.

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