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Jarrad Grigg

Jarrad Grigg

October 30, 2014

An innovative solution for a new apartment complex

We've recently completed work on an innovative sales solution for Hillam Architects, Edge Visionary Living and Blackburne Property Group. With the property market shifting pace in the past 12 months, new and engaging methods are being sought out to gain an edge.

We were asked to create a 'touch brochure' containing images and floorplan information for the Vantage Riversedge Apartments project in addition to developing the website itself. We went one further by linking both the website and the sales tool into one easy to use system which allows the sales team to update information, manage floorplan specifications and mark them as sold instantly; one system to manage both solutions.

The Vantage Apartments touch screen sales tool in action

The system also allows customers to search for the apartment they are looking for with powerful sorting tools for price ranges, bedrooms, car bays, bathrooms, mininum area and more.

Also if customers are interested, they're able to enter their details directly within the system which stores their enquiry within the Blackburne Property Group CRM.

The Vantage Riversedge apartment complex
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