Why did they engage us?

Fringe Festival was looking for a way to promote their Homegrown Heroes program; a selection of shows created by locals. In order to get the message out, we crafted a mock Masterclass series to help performers get the most out of Fringe.

Our fictional host Mr Terry La Rue, a former Fringe artist of years past, turned out not to be very good despite claiming to be an expert of all things Fringe and what it takes to make it at FRINGE WORLD.


  • Campaign Creative
  • Art Direction
  • Script Writing

The Results

The campaign performance exceeded expectations with an average 66% increase in all expected metrics. Clicks across all networks resulted in over a 110% increase in expectation. In all over 650,000 eyes saw the campaign online.

The campaign was also visible throughout the city, at the Rooftop cinema, the Yagan Square Digital Tower, billboards near the festival sites and more.